If you have received some prior warning by the authorities on the island (ie. the police, the disaster management team) please follow their instructions. In the case that you have not received any prior warning, please make your way safely up to the top of the sea track and attend to the school building Tuatea or the church in the village green. There will be other people up there who will also be guided by the people in authority.

  • If it is planned interruption to service

You may have been told about this in some way via a notice produced by island authorities. Sit it out until it they put it back on again. This could take up some time. 


  • If there is no water for no apparent reason

You can find Ree (Lynette Kavisi) who lives up the top of the seatrack to sort this out for you. Or if it is a week day and you are in Alofi she can be found at Tavana Cafe. 

If she is not immediately available, Richie Mautama, the Village leader lives by Ree up the seatrack and will be able to help you. 


  • The power to the house could have run out

Find Ree (Lynette Kavisi), she knows how to check the power board in the pantry and check if the power has in fact run out. She will be able to have it topped up. 


  • If it is another issue

If it is another problem, Ree (Lynette Kavisi) will be able to tell you what that is and will be able to help find a solution. There are also candles under the kitchen sink in the left hand cupboard.


Make sure you put your tap water into the filter jug and only drink it after it has run through the filter. Only use this same filtered water to make ice cubes.