Dining options


Hio cafe

Leaving Alofi and heading towards Tuapa you will find Hio café who have a great seasonal menu. Worth a stop to check it out if you are doing a drive along that way.



Vaiolama café is a wonderful sit in option with a gorgeous sea view and bar. Lovely meal options especially the sashimi if the chef has been fishing. Can't miss it, it's on the main road in Alofi, next door to the Central Petrol Station.


The Matavai Resort

The Matavai resort welcomes all those not staying at the resort to book in and enjoy events and meals they put on. Make sure to check what is on there and what they are serving up early in the week so you can book in if you are interested. 



Manuiz is another eating option along the main road in Alofi. Lovely view out to the sea and a simple menu. If you're lucky they could have one of their buffet nights where traditional Niuean umu food and other delicious items are served.


Tavana cafe & Keke time

Tavana café and Keke time are both in the Commercial centre and both have their specialties. Tavana have been making fish and chips for nearly 30 years and have the best batter ever! Keke time have great coffee and morning tea options and also make awesome cake.


Vanilla cafe and Buk Buk chicken

Vanilla café serves Indian curry most nights. 

Buk buk chicken serves up fried chicken most afternoons, but you need to check their opening hours when you drive down to the Commercial centre.


Kai Ika

This restaurant has a Japanese inspired menu and it consistently delivers meals of a high standard. Additionally it serves lovely NZ icecream which you can enjoy at the end of the meal.


Little Rock

Along the road a bit from Kai Ika is a little popup cafe almost drive-through style. They have a beach umbrella over a picnic table if you want to sit there to sip coffee and eat your fish wrap. Lovely items on the menu and they consistently make their clients happy.


Fana Cafe

Fana is so popular with a modern menu using mostly fresh produce on the island and very nice coffee and cake. The young couple work really hard to deliver the best for their clients and we feel they deliver this 100 percent.


Washaway Cafe

What used to the only food place open on a Sunday, this cafe is quite unique. They have an honesty bar where you grab a drink from their fridge and right it up in a book on the bar. You can keep adding to your tab and pay at the end of your visit, along with what you owe for your food. They make fish paninis and burgers plus fish and chips.