See & Do


Tuhia Sea track

This track is right on the coast of Hakupu and there is a short set of steps which you can walk down onto the reef to explore the sea creatures in the rock pools at low tide. You will often see vakas (island canoes) up on the landing where the villagers have them on the ready for fishing when the seas are calm. This beautiful piece of coastline is at the end of the sea track which Tuhia Sunrise is built on, only a 5-minute walk away. 


Anapala Chasm

On a hot day this freshwater pool is a welcoming relief to cope with the high temps. Accessed via a forest pathway and down 146 steps it takes about 15 minutes to walk. Lovely place to have a swim on those really hot days, the best part about this is that it is across the road from your Tuhia Sunrise accommodation.


Avatele Beach

This is a lovely picnic spot where there is a sandy area great for sunbathing, swimming and snorkelling. It still has coral rock formations on the beach appearing at low tide so it's best to take care. 


Fishing Charters

Many visitors to Niue come for the fishing and return year after year to do this. A lot of the charters offer to cook up some of the fish for those who are in accommodation that don't have the facilities where they can cook some for themselves. Generally the operator retains the catch.

Togo Chasm

This is a stunning place on the island which is arrived at through a 45 minute walk through rainforest. You arrive at clifftops where you will find a ladder that takes you down to a sandy little oasis with coconut palms and not far from the water. 


Matapa Chasm

Matapa Chasm is a very popular swimming spot where the freshwater meets the sea accessed by a ten minute walk through a scenic trail. Historically known as the place where the kings used to bathe, Matapa is in the village of Hikutavake.


Whale watching and diving

If you are up for diving, scuba diving, whale watching, snorkelling and dolphin tours you must make time to get in touch with Niue Blue who runs these activities out of the village of Avatele. Some of these activities are seasonal so make sure you contact them well before your trip to Niue so you can plan to achieve your best experience.